Let‘s Save Our Future!

The earth is pricelessly valuable to us! The things that are pending are better, cheaper, healthier for us in the long run. We must move towards a world that is much more beautiful, more attractive and more worth living in than what we know at the moment. Healthy living is only possible in a healthy environment. And we must think globally. The problems of the world affect us all. But we don’t need panic, we need priorities. That must play a role in all decisions now.

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Citarum River in Indonesia is the world’s most polluted river.

One must recognize the environmental impact of the entire supply chain, capturing all the steps between plantation and disposal. More than 90 per cent of our clothing comes from Asia – and causes huge environmental damage there. Because the textile industry poisons rivers and drinking water. The Citarum River in Indonesia is the world’s most polluted river mainly caused by the fashion industry. The DW Documentary (January 2020) gives you knowledge beyond the headlines about the world’s most polluted river. It is a sad example of how environment versus profit is a battle of David against Goliath.

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The Fashion Industry after COVID-19 – Quo Vadis?

We live in an unprecedented time. A time we have not chosen, a pause we have not asked for and a future we do not know. The Corona crisis has hit the fashion industry hard. In many areas, the ailing system has collapsed. Things have leaked to the surface that many in the industry have tried for years to patch up and hide, again and again, provisionally. And the pace has been accelerating. Some people have not had the strength to follow this pace for a long time. Especially since it felt more and more like a chase.

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