Let‘s Save Our Future!
Let‘s Save Our Future!

Let‘s Save Our Future!

The earth is pricelessly valuable to us! The things that are pending are better, cheaper, healthier for us in the long run. We must move towards a world that is much more beautiful, more attractive and more worth living in than what we know at the moment. Healthy living is only possible in a healthy environment. And we must think globally. The problems of the world affect us all. But we don’t need panic, we need priorities. That must play a role in all decisions now.

The future of fashion is now

The fashion industry must change if it is to remain sustainable. How do fashion companies have to position themselves in the age of sustainability and digitalization to remain future-proof? With more cooperation, more technology, more innovative abilities?

Fortunately, the damage that we humans are causing to the planet is increasingly becoming the focus of our attention. Whether or not everyone believes in the extent of this damage, I am sure that we must become better planetary citizens and should start to change, reduce, recycle and reuse our consumption.

Be inspired and become part of the change

We need entrepreneurs who break new ground to be economically successful. We need explainers from all possible cultures, in all possible languages. We need educators who show our young people that they should do things differently to what we have done, but that they can use their observations and the intelligence of nature as a compass. And we need to think and re-think how we innovate and clarify the role of universities in this process. We need artists who think differently and show us in a heart-moving way that we are on the wrong track and should act differently. We need scientists who recognize that analytical thinking is not the master but a servant of the intelligence of nature. We need to empower innovators who look optimistically and creatively for solutions to the damages of the last generations. But above all, it needs the absolute will to change for a new and better way, where the planet and people work together and grow.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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